Your Guide to Kitchen Lighting

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Your Guide to Kitchen Lighting

For the multi tasker in you, the Kitchen often becomes the place where home works get done, lists are made, friends are entertained, all the while prepping and cooking for the next meal. This being said, it is equally important to balance out the lighting for the different activities within the same space.

These activities call for three different lighting – Ambient, Task and Accent lighting. Generally, the focus areas in your Kitchen should be the Island area, Under the Wall cabinets and Subjective Lighting as per your individual Kitchen.

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Kitchen Island – Task or Ambient Lighting.

In situations where your Island houses the hob or becomes your workspace for prepping, task lighting is provided. If your Island has just the breakfast bar and is usually the hangout space, then ambient lighting is required.

Under Cabinet Lighting

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Under Cabinet lighting needs focus, as these areas tend to create dark shadows, when the room is lit with ambient light. Generally, there are two options – Strip lights or Spot lights.

Accent Lighting as per design

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This type of lighting is used to highlight any particular design feature. This could also be in the form of plinth lights to create an ethereal, floating effect to Islands.

Our Design team at The Kitchen Shoppe identifies the significance of lighting and has created magic through their designs.


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