The Right Finish for your Kitchen Cabinets

With cutting-edge technology, the choice of different finishes for your new kitchen cabinets is plenty these days. That too at affordable prices. The only problem you are likely to face is too many choices.

To help you in this aspect, we have put together the different finishes and their pros and cons below:

Lacquer: It gives a hard, durable surface that will last for years without flaking or discoloring. Since the lacquer used for kitchen doors is very similar to the paint used on cars, it offers long-term durability and color consistency.

High gloss lacquers

German Kitchens London

A high gloss finish is perfect for people wanting a contemporary kitchen. Some of the reasons you should use high gloss cabinets include;

  1. To make a small kitchen space appear larger
  2. High Gloss finish can make darker colors still appear brighter and make space feel less cramped
  3. The finish is also a lot easier to clean but a non-scratch cloth should be used

One of the main disadvantages of high gloss cabinets is that fingerprints, dirt, and scratches tend to show, especially in darker colors, so it requires maintenance to keep it fresh and clean.

Matt lacquer

german kitchens Osterley
german kitchens Osterley

A matt finish is good to create a more muted tone and your Kitchen will have a more subtle appeal. A matt finish will give you the same protective qualities as a high gloss lacquer. Some of the advantages of Matt kitchen cabinets include;

  1. Fingerprints and scratches will not show up as visible as they do on high gloss. Having a matt finish is more practical if you have young children.
  2. The color can look much more consistent across the doors with no light reflection
  3.  A matt design is great if you have a lot of strong colors in your kitchen or if you have a very bright space.

 Wood veneers

Kitchen Showroom Moseley
Kitchen Showroom Moseley

Wood Veneer on Kitchen Cabinets is a popular choice, as it helps combine the beauty of natural wood with non – natural material and it is key to achieve a balance between the two. The veneers are sourced from real wood and are often the preferred choice.


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  1. The laminated finish has the following advantages:
  2. It is very durable.
  3. It provides a very consistent finish.
  4. It is cost-effective and is an excellent material choice for those on a lower budget.

Once you have sorted the issue of finishes, a simultaneous concern will be the choice of colors. Please keep in mind that lighter colors work for smaller spaces and darker color suits a larger space. This being said, our team of expert In House designers at The Kitchen Shoppe is always happy to guide and help create your ‘Perfect Kitchen’.

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