The Key Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

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The Key Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

When people describe a certain space as Luxurious, haven’t you often wondered what it is exactly that segregates a normal space from Luxurious spaces? We often have clients looking for High end / Luxury Kitchens and we have summarised the requirement as follows:

  1. Space PlanningThis is one of the non-tactile features that has to be experienced rather than seen. The versatility that your kitchen can provide for your varied needs. Be it a party gathering or a family weekend or for a quiet day, space should be planned such that there are deeper drawers to house the varied serving platters and bowls, quick access units for pulling out the everyday items. Sorted Units to house the various mini equipment and allows you to store your supplies with convenience. Drinks stations housing the beverages, cool drinks or even as simple as a coffee station to be placed strategically in terms of access. Utility spaces concealing the realities of everyday life is most certainly an added bonus for the user.
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  2. Luxury in details – Quality is most often seen in the choice of materials and finishes.
  • QuartzQuartz is a designer’s dream to work with, for many reasons. It’s made using actual stone, so it has a natural appeal but it is strong, nonporous and colour-customizable with good colour predictability. This beauty and durability come with a price.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Bespoke Cabinets – The advantage of using truly bespoke cabinets vs. typical stock cabinets, is that custom cabinets can be designed to fit your kitchen perfectly, making the best use of every nook and corner. It is also aesthetically far more superior.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 traditional kitchens Raddlet
  • Splashback – For someone who can truly appreciate the quality of the Quartz Worktop, it only makes sense to create a splashback in the same material as the countertop. This generally ties the two planes of visibility together as well as enabling the true grandeur of the quartz to be appreciated from various angles.german modular kitchen
  • Lighting – This is one feature that enhances the overall mood of the Kitchen. It is often used by designers to make a statement.Siestematic-German-Kitchens-Putney

    3.Choice of Appliances and Fittings

  • Deep / Double Sinks – A standard sink is generally 8” deep but a deep sink is about 10” deep, enabling ease of use. A double sink is a luxury when one placed near the waste disposal system can be used for prepping food items while the other one can be used for washing hands or rinsing a glass.
  • Induction Hobs – Flexi zone hobs are quite the trend, enabling user’s versatility in usage. Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, they add to the minimalistic look of the overall Luxury kitchen.
  • Touch control Taps – Technology in Kitchen also enhances the luxurious aspect of Kitchens. Due to current pandemics, touch-free Kitchens are going to be the next-gen Kitchens. Touch activated taps houses sensors that help turn it on, even when your hands are occupied.
  • True Depth Fridges – After having taken efforts to create a seamlessly fitting Kitchen, ending up with the Fridge projecting out like a sore thumb, can be quite disheartening. This is where bespoke Luxury Kitchens come into play, taking care of every minor detail.Siestematic-German-Kitchens-Brentford


The above-mentioned details summarise The Kitchen Shoppe’s concept of a Luxury Kitchen. Please tell us your version of the Luxury Kitchen, in the comments below.

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