Selecting Best Quality German Kitchen Brand

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Like German cars and kitchen appliances, you’ll find the same precision in modern German kitchen design. German kitchen style of today is incredibly cutting edge. The national archetype is sleek, precise and of high quality. German Kitchens industry started in the beginning of 19th century from a Kitchen furniture workshop in a Hertford, Germany, since then this industry has grown up to a trillion euros export industry for Germany.  We asked 25 Local consultants, Kitchen fitters and designers to get the list of best German Kitchens and best value for money. Let’s see what are the top 10 players in 2017.


10. Leicht

Established since 80 years LEICHT Kitchens offers contemporary & innovative Kitchens. The name LEICHT stands for lasting value, durability and aesthetic quality.


9. SieMatic

Founded in 1929 by August Siekman, SieMatic has consistently been at the forefront of kitchen furniture design and manufacturing, setting standards for quality and perfection.

SieMatic provides solutions for contemporary kitchen spaces that are to be enjoyed and shared. From the latest designs and colors to innovative storage solutions, SieMatic creates the perfect kitchen for your home.

8. Nolte

One of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Germany, Nolte have been producing affordable luxury kitchens for more than 50 years. Sleek, modern, with many exciting ranges and countless options to choose from, Nolte Kitchens represent highly engineered German quality at its best.

 7. ALNO

From small beginnings in 1927 in Pfullendorf in southern Germany, ALNO achieved international recognition for its kitchens. ALNO became a public limited company in 1995 and with over 750 employees, ALNO kitchens filled solvency on 11th July 2017 and now operating under a new name.

6. Nobilia

From some of the most modern and efficient kitchen furniture manufacturing plants in Europe, Nobilia’s 2500 employees build intelligently designed kitchens with style. Above all, Nobilia kitchens offer quality.  Nobilia Kitchens are sold in euros and cost completely depends upon the exchange rate which means higher exchange rate could make your kitchen cost increased extortionately.

5. Schüller

One of Germany’s largest and still privately owned kitchen companies, Schüller started as a humble carpenter’s workshop in the 1960s. Now employing over 1000 people, they are now among the top 5 kitchen manufacturers in the world and one of the most recognizable German kitchen brands.

4. Poggenpohl

Founded in 1892, Poggenpohl is the oldest kitchen company in the world and certainly one of the well-known brands. Every kitchen is built to order, designed by expert craftsmen who tailor every detail to the client’s brief, design preference and lifestyle requirements.

Every cabinet, drawer and worktop is custom built at the Herford factory in Germany, creating a truly bespoke solution. In term of revenue, Poggenpohl is at number ten on our list.


3. Bulthaup

Family owned since its foundation in 1949 founded by “Martin Bulthaup”, Bulthaup is a premier name in German kitchen systems. Its unashamedly contemporary designs are inspired by the Bauhaus movement, bringing together art and technology, form an function. its undeniable style exudes timeless elegance, confidence and true craftsmanship for the high-end market. In term of revenue, Bulthaup is at number six with 120m EUR revenue in 2016.

2. Bauformat

One of Germany’s leading kitchen brand with a pedigree of supplying quality contemporary kitchens, Pronorm combines precision manufacturing with design ergonomics.

At Pronorm, every kitchen is individual and perfectly matches the customer’s needs, from cabinet sizes and worktop heights to storage options, adjustable shelving and intelligent appliances. The latest innovation features pocket doors allowing for ovens, hobs and sinks to be hidden from view when not in use.

1. Häcker

Manufacturing 1000+ Kitchens per day Häcker Kitchens is at number one on our list. Häcker specialise in producing an unrivaled choice of fitted kitchens to the highest specifications. From clean and spacious modern kitchens to the wood, glass and steel finishes of contemporary designs, or the sophisticated designs of a traditional kitchen, Häcker will achieve the highest quality fit and finish in a range of styles and colors. Häcker has two different ranges Häcker ClassicHäcker Systemat.

Häcker Classic is more medium to low range affordable furniture with around 90 different doors in Gloss, Matt, Structured, Concrete & wood effects in both handled and handle-less Kitchens. Ability to complete in commercial and residential market Häcker Classic is one of the best available options at the moment in all German Kitchen brands.

Häcker Systamet offers rigid and reliable furniture range from mid-range to high-end Kitchens with some extraordinary doors including stone, concrete, marble & real wood effect. Häcker Systemat doors are extraordinarily tough and could give you a real feel of stones and marble. We count systemat in designers Kitchens as every door is well planned and researched for a specific niche market. Häcker is a premier name in German kitchen manufacturing and could be one of the best options for your next Kitchen. Due to copyrights, Häcker Dealers in UK are prohibited to mention Häcker brand which is one the reasons that you might not have heard of Häcker Kitchens which is one the most successful German Kitchen brands and progressing silently.


Research conducted by VS Marketing & Research Consultants on January 2018