Elica Hob – Nikolatesla Prime

Elica Hob – Nikolatesla Prime


NikolaTesla Prime is the induction hob with integrated extraction, made unique by its refined balance between aesthetic and functional details.

Technical features

The modern industrial style makes NikolaTesla PRIME a unique and recognizable product, refined materials and lines have been designed to embellish but also to make cooking time more comfortable.
Four independent cooking zones are hidden by the black tempered glass, in the center the elegant and robust grill conceals the powerful suction area that can be used also in automatic mode through Autocapture technology. The choice of a resistant material such as cast iron enables a second use of the area which, in moments of non-aspiration, can become a practical support for pots, even hot or for any object.
Grease and high performance regenerable odor filters can be removed from the top without any effort, in the same way it is possible to access inner part to clean from accidentally leak out of the pots. In addition a special valve allows the discharge of any spilled liquid, to ensure maximum hygiene to your kitchen.
  • SIZE

    83x51x21 cm


    Duct-out/ Re-circulating


    Black Glass + Cast Iron


    Touch control 3 speeds + 2 boost levels

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