Splash Back Ideas for Modern Kitchen

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Splash Back Ideas for Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Splash Back – An Element both Aesthetic and Useful

As a designer, this is one surface that has always fascinated me. Whenever I felt my color palette
needed a bit of pop in terms of color and texture, this was my go to solution. As a cook who loves to
experiment and with many a cooking fails, which normally ends up creating colorful wall splashes, this
has helped me hide the skeletons in my closet. That and the fact that I choose my timings wisely helps
keep up my image with my family. Finding the right balance between the Aesthetics and Practical role of
a Splash Back can be quite tricky. Nevertheless, it is always useful to have a look at our options.

The Glossy good looks

The glass kitchen splash back has become a kitchen staple, thanks to its easy to clean qualities
and simple yet effective looks. Not surprisingly, there’s more than just one way to use this
versatile material. Apart from choosing a colored glass to match your Kitchen, block or mosaic
glass tiles look equally as striking and allow you to create unique patterns. You could also opt
for a fused glass splash back that features different colors and shapes as well as beautiful
texture and pattern. Choosing an expanse of low iron toughened clear glass or acrylic, can help
you be even more creative – it can help protect your favourite feature Wallpaper Splash back or
a painted pattern.

Reflecting Spaces, Reflecting Life

Like glass, mirrored kitchen splash backs have also been making their way into kitchen designs.
It’s not hard to see why. Mirrored panels not only bounce light to make a room feel brighter but
also makes it feel more spacious. This works wonders during winters, especially if you have a
North facing Kitchen. One can add warmth to the mirror expanse with a smoked, bronze or
antiqued mirror or break it up with handy shelving. Metal, such as professional-style stainless
steel, will also do the do the trick, if you need something a little low maintenance. Even copper
panels are also growing in popularity but need a little more care to stay gleaming.

Tile in style

Even though tiles remain a practical choice, there’s no need to go for a whole area of boring
monotones or minimal patterns. Playing around with different motifs in the same color or
different shades of the same design is an easy way to get an eclectic feel that’s perfect for a country                                                                                                                                                          kitchen with a modern twist. Geometric, Moroccan inspired or period designs work
especially well.

In Sync with Countertops

Using the worktop material as splash back, is another way to give it the grandeur of Stone and
quartz worktops. Thanks to the latest sealants, even porous stone, such as marble, can now be
used for worktops and kitchen splash backs. Not only does it usually feature natural veining and
color variations, it’s available in more than just typical crisp white tones. Used behind a range
cooker or hob, slabs of grey and black marble make just as much of a style statement as
covering the entire run.
Finally, the right splash back is about personal space usage as much as the right aesthetics
match. As one of my mentors rightly told me an electric hob does not require toughened glass
as against a gas hob which has higher temperature exposure.

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