Major Features of the German Kitchen

The most common query that I seem to come across as a Kitchen Designer is – ‘Whether we deal with German Kitchens?’. The popularity of this query made me look into the big Question – What is a German Kitchen?

The clean lines, combined with a modern and timeless look of the German Kitchen, definitely is a crowd pleaser with designers and clients alike. The ability to fit not only your family’s needs but also your budget is an added bonus.
Let’s take a look at some of the main features that make a Kitchen German style.

Modern Design

Germany, known worldwide as being technologically sound and using engineering materials that are both durable and strong, has succeeded in creating kitchens that are super innovative and modern in both design and approach.

Frameless Cabinets

Kitchens in Germany generally tend to be small. Hence maximum space utilisation is a major factor in German Kitchens. In this regard, the
cabinets are generally Frameless, as opposed to the other two varieties – Framed and Inset Cabinets.

Flat Panel Door Style

If you look at all the German Kitchen Brands, one of the common features is the flat panels for the doors. Although it does cater to the detailing of the Shaker style doors, it is very minimal. This helps German Kitchens to embrace the Minimalists style of Design.

Wood Laminates

If you notice the actual Kitchens of Germany, Wood seems to have found its way into the design through laminates. They commonly tend to
incorporate wood either as a backsplash or as second Cabinets. 75% of the Kitchens in Germany use Laminate Countertops. They hold up extremely well but it is to be noted that Germans are also in the habit of remodelling their Kitchens often.

Technologies and Accessories

As mentioned before, Space utilisation being a major factor, technologies like the touch and lift mechanisms are often incorporated through use of fittings from brands like Blum. The incorporation of various accessories as space savers are notable too.

Ergonomic Design

Germans being super conscious of their health, Ergonomic movements are often kept in mind while designing. Each unit can be specifically modified to suit your requirement for an easy and comfortable kitchen use. Use of pull-outs over pull-outs help in space utilisation as well as accessibility in one movement.

Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

Though symmetry is a preferred aesthetic factor, Germans love the challenge of Asymmetry and this is often reflected in their Kitchen
Germans constant drive for excellence and improvements to meet changing consumer demands are major plus points in their favour. Hence,
what I found out about the German Kitchens is that they are a safe investment, as they have proved to stand the test of time.

If you want kitchens with premium quality and excellent design, you can’t go wrong with German kitchen brands and we at The Kitchen Shoppe are happy to assist you in this journey.

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