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LWK Kitchens has gone into Administration

Kitchen remodelling firm LWK London Kitchens has gone into administration and left many customers furious.

Administrators concluded that the firm, which specialises in German kitchens and has showrooms in Canary Wharf and Marble Arch, could not be salvaged, “as a result of its liabilities, the lack of working capital and the rejection of a recently proposed CVA”.

The same day, the firm’s business and assets were purchased in a pre-packaged deal by LWK Interiors Ltd. Robert Wilson, Graeme Wilson’s father, is one of the purchasing firm’s two directors. The deal also includes the employment contracts of LWK London Kitchens’ staff. (Courtesy Kitchens Kitchens)

Many Hacker Kitchen customers has contacted The Kitchen Shoppe to fulfil their demands when many Kitchen retailer have left them in this situation, where they had ordered the Kitchen and their retailer has gone into Bankruptcy. They ended up having no Kitchen at all even after paying thousands of deposits. Kitchen Shoppe has helped many of those innocent customers by providing their Dream Kitchens and helping them to find the best deals.

What should I do if my Kitchen retailer has gone Bankrupt?

Try to contact your retailer to get as much information as you can get about the your Kitchen order. Unfortunately, your manufacturer will not be helpful as your contract was with the retailer. Please make sure you can have Kitchen design details so at least your Kitchen order can be processed somewhere else to avoid any further financial losses. Contact Kitchen Shoppe with complete details of the order and design and speak to one of Kitchen Shoppe’s designers.

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