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People have been so dependent on technology these days due to the convenience it offers. And technology has also catered to this increasing demand, growing more innovations year after year. And the Internet of Things is one of the most technologically advanced innovations that are undeniably making waves in people’s homes nowadays.


IoT or the Internet of Things is the technology that connects the internet to mundane objects. Interconnectivity is embedded into these software, sensors, and devices to connect and exchange data. And homes have been taking advantage of IoT to make lives easier for homeowners.


Since the kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your home, this is where IoT can be of great use. So if you want to transform your kitchen into a fully functional one, then here are six ways to reshape your kitchen using IoT.


  1. Smart refrigerator


One way to make it easier to track what’s inside your refrigerator is to purchase one with a scanner. It works through an RFID system or a barcode that can monitor the different items inside. It can also tell you the item’s usage and expiry date.


  1. Automatic faucet


Another way to make your kitchen more technologically advanced while saving money on utility bills is by installing an automatic faucet. More homeowners are aiming for sustainability nowadays. In fact, more people are banking on green roofs, or solar roofs to cut on electricity expenses. Also, they install plastic roofing for more reliability that withstands any climate and weather conditions and to prevent replacement after wear and tear.


That being said, it’s recommended to install automatic faucets that have sensors. It has infrared lights that can signal the sensors whenever your hands are close to it.


  1. Gas and carbon monoxide monitor


To prioritize safety in the kitchen, purchase a gas and carbon monoxide monitor. This is especially useful in your kitchen because it detects if there is a high gas and carbon monoxide level. If in case you forgot to turn off your stove or if your gas tank is leaking, it can alert or notify you to prevent further accidents.


  1. Food thermometer


Have you ever heard of a food thermometer? Yes, you can easily grab one and connect it to your phone. Since you can’t place this inside hot ovens and grills. You can connect it to your phone instead and it will show you the temperature of the food. Perfect when you’re grilling steaks!


  1. Smart utensils


If you’re on a diet, smart utensils or flatware could be extremely useful. When eating, people are always told to eat and enjoy their food slowly. Eating slowly prevents us from overeating and we binge even though we’re full. Smart utensils nudge or vibrate whenever you’re eating way too fast to remind you to chew slowly.


  1. AI assistants


AI assistants that are voice-activated aren’t only used in the kitchen, but can also be used in the entire house. Alexa, for example, is one of the most popular voice-activated assistants. But if you’re a busy chef at home, it can be useful to ask these devices to read you a simple recipe of the dish you’re prepping. That way you can still prep while making sure ingredients are up to par.

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